About us

Sachal Mir bed & breakfast was named after a SUFI poet Sachal Sarmast from Indus valley who spread the message of love for humanity.
Sachal Sarmast means Truthful Mystic, which is the theme at Sachal Mir.

“The brave speak the truth, Let others like it or not; for the talk of false friendship we care not”

I search in the streets, I cast my sights,
The path of joy may someone behold,
The path of joy may someone behold,
How can I hide my nature, and show myself as another!
To know another is sin, every form is God Himself.

Sachal Sarmast


Less than 15 Miles from the federal capital, deep in the glorious Margalla Hills, Mother Nature welcomes you to explore, observe and relax amongst the magical green mountains, fresh crisp air, and astounding natural wonders.

Get away from the stress and pressure of modern living and allow nature to harmonize your body, mind and soul. At Sachal Mir’s we believe that’s ones being is restored to its natural order through immersion in a natural environment. For generations people have gone to the mountains in order to ‘take the cure’.

We believe in the healing powers of Mother Nature and its magical abilities to soothe, and rejuvenate ones mind, body and soul.


Sachal Mir’s has four rooms and one luxury suite with two bedrooms and a lounging area; our rooms are designed to give you utmost comfort and luxury within a natural setting. Come stay with us and experience our internationally acclaimed hospitality.

We provide a retreat experience like none other, with a wide variety of wellness and healing therapies, Sachal Mir’s is more than just a motel. Our philosophy is in tune with spiritual ecology and Sufism, which focus on inner peace and spiritual wellbeing.

Family Packages

Research has proven that time spent outdoors helps kids connect with nature and increases happiness. Nature has something for everyone; Sachal Mir’s welcomes individuals of all ages to come witness the magnificence of nature.

Couples Retreat

Rekindle the romance in your relationship; allow nature to bring you closer. At Sachal Mir’s we provide special room packages for lovers.

Weekend Retreats

Sachal Mir’s is located less than 20 Mins away from Islamabad, making it an ideal option to destress and relax after a tiring work week.


Margalla Hills, Pir Sohawa Road
21st Km, Islamabad
Tel: +92 300 6766 965

Email: sachalmir@gmail.com
Web: www.sachalmir.com

Pakistan Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management.